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National Lampoon Vacation Trip 2007

Oh man, what are we thinking... over 5000 miles in about 2 and a half weeks... the preparation alone was enough to require a vacation. But we got it done and are one the road.

Photo Galleries

First day photos: the drive to Livingston, MT.

Day two was a long drive through Montana, sneaking through Wyoming and ending in South Dakota.

The third day included lots of fun stops and sightseeing.

On the fourth day we just drove hard, not much to see, gotta make time.

Same for the fifth day, and in fact we didn't take a single photo all day, but made it to Arlington, VA in great time. We dined with family.

Here are some shots from our sight-seeing in DC and Baltimore.

Our day in St. Louis was a lot of fun.


Here are the three proposed itineraries for our epic voyage:


Spokane -> Washington DC


Departure Date: Thursday, August 9, 2007

  • 8/9/07 - Livingston, MT
  • 8/10/07 - Rapid City, SD
  • 8/11/07 - Albert Lea, MN
  • 8/12/07 - Maumee, OH
  • 8/13/07 - Arlington, VA

To see how daunting this really is, look at it on the map...


Posted Fri Aug 3 21:13:29 2007

Washington, DC


Our days in Washington, DC will likely start a little late (don't want to get our time too messed up) and will surely bracket lunch out and about somewhere. For those of you planning/hoping to see us, you can count on a couple hours of tourist stuff on either side of lunch along with a nice lunch somewhere. Please contact us and let us know what you want to do.

Every day activity: swim from 4-6 at Madra's pool.

Dates: 8/14-8/20


Posted Fri Aug 3 21:13:29 2007

Washington DC -> Spokane


Proposed dates: 8/20-8/27/07

Proposed stops on the way home.

  • Dennis & Mary's new home in the hills... a great way to start heading west...

  • St. Louis (Andrew's boyhood home)

  • Yellowstone

Our confirmed and reserved route home...


Posted Fri Aug 3 21:13:29 2007

Other Stuff

Andrew started a blog for entries about what's happening.

There is room, of course, for others to write stuff about this trip as well. Isabelle needs to do some journaling for school this summer. So maybe this will work for her.

The pre-trip to do list... mostly done.