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Washington, DC sights

Sorry, its been a few days now, but we've been kinda busy. Marching 4-5 kids around to various sight-seeing gigs can get a little hectic.

As always, you can read more or check out the latest round of photos.

We started out with the National Zoo on Tuesday. What a hike that is. I had forgotten how vertical the zoo is, being spread across the western wall of the Rock Creek valley. The kid's cousins, Becca and Katey, came with us as were lots of fun. The girls were thrilled to ride the Metro (they are now seasoned pro's, BTW) and really enjoyed the zoo, until the final walk out up the long hill... A stop at McD's for milkshakes fixed that right up.

Wednesday at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History was also a lot of fun. We lunched on the Mall with some of my former co-workers from the Bedrock days and had lots of fun fending off marauding flocks of pigeons and sparrows. The big disappointment was that the Insect Zoo was closed. Natalie was really disappointed I think.

Finally, we took a drive to the Baltimore Aquarium which was very cool. Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, which none of us had done before, was interesting but not really noteworthy. Grandma Elaine's crab cakes are better, but I guess that's to be expected. Overall, I think the aquarium was the most successful in terms of engaging the kids and keeping them interested. We had a lovely chat with one of the volunteers there who was coaxing up various interesting fish for us to look at. Apparently these volunteers go through a really lengthy process including months of waiting, weeks of training and testing just for the privilege of volunteering for two days a month. Based on his excitement though, it must be worth it.

Now we are settling in for a couple days of local stuff, family visiting, and so forth before we begin the trek back.