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The First Day

Well, we're well down the road now and are making good progress. It was a little hectic getting out the door. Getting three kids pointed in the same direction is a little, umm... tricky? ;)

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And the fit. Heh. Luckily, the van seats are removeable because we definitely don't fit all five of us with all our stuff. Most of it is food though, so it'll get smaller as we go. But its still a tight fit. Five people each with a good weeks worth of clothes; enough snacks to hopefully get us through about a week of driving; a whole big pile of paper and pencils and crayons and other crafty bits; a mess 'o dvds; its just a lot of stuff in the ol' van.

We left Spokane at just about noon. The kids were comfortably shoe-horned in the back and the tunes were going. We've made pretty good time so far -- Muffy is a natural Montana driver: "oh, maybe I shouldn't drive 90."

The mountains through the Idaho panhandle are nice, but frankly pretty boring. It didn't get interesting until we hit the climb up and over Homestake Pass in Montana. That's a pretty impressive piece of mountain. Its unbelieveable that people used to walk across there as its nothing but big boulders the size of busses with scrawny trees crammed in the cracks. I tried to explain the Continental Divide to the kids, but I don't think they get it. Tonight at the hotel I'll use the blankets to form a proper mountain range to demonstrate it better.

Meanwhile, the drive from Homestake on to our first stop in Livingston is awesome country. Big broad valleys of rolling grass land bounded all around by real crags. It is beautiful and inspiring and if I had me a six gun, a horse, and a pound of coffee, I'd carve out my own ranch. :)