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Hacking is really an exaggeration, unless its used the context of "chopping away at something with a big cleaver until its done." So I couldn't really sleep last night and decided to get this wiki going. Its pretty simple to operate using ikiwiki but getting the http_auth stuff going wasn't easy. The object is to get this thing setup so that we can edit pages and keep it updated, but excluding everyone else on the planet. Probably I have only deterred the casual passer-by, but that will have to suffice.

Anyway, as you can tell from the timestamp on the previous post, I was up too late working on it. But now I have a better understanding of apache modules and security :).

I feel like setting this wiki up has helped me to get mentally organized. I feel like ther e is an easy place to make notes on stuff and be able to get it anywhere as things develop. We'll see how it goes.