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Mt Rushmore

It is my second day on vacation, a warm Friday morning. My family and I have been awaken by the hotels alarmclock. We pack up and head an down the road! After hours of driving I am half way asleep When my dad tells us to look out the window. A tower is starring at us.There in the distans is Devels Tower! We wached it for a wile before it dissapered behind the hills. We were hedding for Rapid City, South Dakoda. When We got there insted of going to the hotel we went to Mt. Rushmore. There four faces were starring at us. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Rosavelt, and Thomas Jefferson. My dad said people carved it with dinomite and jackhammers! Then we got back to the car and went to the hotel. Mt. Rushmor was amazing and I will always remember it!