Sackville-West Clan Wiki/ nlvt2007/ photo 5

August 14-16, 2007

Washington DC Sights, The National Zoo:

Heading out for the zoo, our girls, along with Becca and Katey Scruggs, are waiting for their first Metro ride.

metro station

Here they all are riding the train. I'm not sure why Isabelle is so thrilled...

train ride

more train ride

Its important to rest up before entering the zoo.

chill out on a zoo bench

Whenever possible, eat pizza, even crappy zoo pizza!


The pandas were napping, but still pretty cute...

panda napping

Everyone loves the Golden Lion Tamarins.


These girls are ready to ride anything. They'll even bust a B'ar if required.

bear sculpture

The Smithsonian and National Mall

Too much action inside to get any good shots, but here are the gratuitous outdoor tourist shots.

The Smithsonian


The ever popular, Monument Head

washington monument

And we really couldn't care less about the Capitol...

us capitol

The National Aquarium in Baltimore

Photography in the aquarium was difficult due to 1) the crowds, 2) the poor lighting and 3) the fact that we are all too busy looking and learning to take pictures.

The required Jaws shot