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August 23, 2007

Midwest Adventures...

A big site-seeing day in St. Louis begins with a nice shot of the skyline on the approach to the freeway maze hell that is the eastern entrance to St. Louis.

arch and skyline

A variety of obligatory tourist shots of the arch including: the family at the base of the arch;

girls at base of arch

a nice artistic shot of the arch from the base of the north leg;

artistic arch shot

Muffy contemplating certain doom; and,

Muffy peering up the curve of the arch

a nice shot of the Arch behind the Old Cathedral spire.

Arch with cathedral spire

The Museum of Westward Expansion, underground at the base of The Arch is fantastic and worth a day of its own. We were content with some nice stories of pioneers and an opportunity to hold a genuine Buffalo Chip (Isabelle's hand).

girls with pioneer story teller

No visit to St. Louis is complete without a belly full of sliders...

white castle

After days of burgers and pizza, time for a change of pace and where else but the plains of the midwest for some good Mongolian Barbecue!!

mongolian barbecue