Sackville-West Clan Wiki/ snow2008

Here we are homebound with more snow than you can shake a stick at!

our pear tree in the snow

Of course, that's only because the sticks are all under two feet of snow. Reports vary as to how much snow we've gotten. Officially it's something like 17 inches fallen between late Saturday, January 26 and early Monday January 28. But the actual amounts vary widely by altitude. Up here on the south hill, we've taken more like 24 inches on top of the 4-6 inches we already had. And there's more snow in the forecast!

So, what can you do but build an igloo?

a genuine igloo!

By the time I got around to finding the camera, the kids were soaked through and done with snow for a while. So although they aren't in these photos, believe me, they put in some serious snow time...

Here are a couple shots of the interior -- it really glows inside!

interior of the igloo

note the stylish pizza box seating pads...

interior of the igloo

Finally our snow-laden mansion. Note that the two plow berms on either side of the driveway are over 5 feet high.

our house buried in snow