Sackville-West Clan Wiki/ tech/ Keyboard shortcuts in GnuCash and GNOME

This little trick is great if you're running a full GNOME environment: Editable menu accelerators. Head over to Preferences -> Menu and Toolbar and click "Editable Menu accelerators". Then in any GNOME app, select your menu item, and while it's highlighted, enter the keystroke you want to use as a shortcut. Bing, it should appear in the menu and be bound there. You can use the delete key in the same manner to delete a shortcut.

This little tidbit is remarkably hard to find (hence this note). In fact, I found it on gmane after a lot of hair pulling... I knew I'd seen it somewhere. The official GnuCash location for this info is in the tutorial in the very last paragraph.

So I'd love to be able to use this tidbit, but running xmonad I don't have all that fluffy GNOME stuff running. If anyone knows a work-around, let me know, please!