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Password-less GDM login

This crops up from time-to-time. I configure computers for my kids to use. They currently range in age from 6 through 10. That's a pretty good spread in terms of what is expected for kids using computers. A ten year old can pretty easily understand the idea of security but doesn't understand what that really involves. A six year old, however, just wants to go to Daddy!!!


So, in the interest of making my life easy, I have setup gdm so that the kids can login through the browser by clicking their .face file. I've also deleted their passwords

passwd -d -u kid-name

This gives the kids an empty password so that they only need a user name to login. But pam won't let you just do that and gdm appears to use pam so... You have to tell pam that its okay too. Edit /etc/pam.d/common-auth. Change:

auth required nullok_secure


auth required nullok

and now the kids can log in with a single click.

Now if only I could get them to log back out...